In the ever-evolving landscape of community fundraising, innovative strategies are crucial for maximizing the potential of every dollar raised. For wholesalers and local businesses, like bakeries, partnering with schools through platforms like presents a unique opportunity to not only increase sales but also to contribute to meaningful community causes. This blog explores how wholesalers can use to collaborate with schools in selling products at a profit for the schools, while offering a discount to the end consumer. It’s a win-win-win situation where businesses grow, schools fundraise effectively, and consumers save money.

The Win-Win-Win Model

Imagine a local bakery that typically sells pies for $11 each at retail. Through a partnership facilitated by, this bakery can wholesale pies to a school for $8. The school then uses Raised to sell these pies for $10. Here’s how each party benefits from this arrangement:

  • The School: By selling each pie for $10, the school makes a $2 profit on each sale. This straightforward markup provides a significant boost to the school’s fundraising efforts, all while offering a simple and attractive product option to potential supporters.
  • The Wholesaler/Bakery: Selling pies at $8 each to the school might seem like a discount, but the volume guaranteed by school fundraisers can compensate for the lower per-item profit. Additionally, this partnership increases the bakery’s exposure within the community and builds goodwill.
  • The Customer: Customers purchasing the pies through the school fundraiser save $1 off the regular retail price. They also enjoy the satisfaction of supporting a local school and benefiting from a delicious product.

How It Works on simplifies this fundraising model by providing a user-friendly platform where all transactions can be managed seamlessly:

  • Product Listing: Schools can list the bakery’s pies on their fundraiser page, complete with product descriptions, pricing, and images.
  • Order Management: The platform collects orders and payments directly, reducing the administrative burden on the school. Bakeries can access real-time order updates and prepare products accordingly.
  • Delivery Coordination: Depending on the arrangement, products can be delivered to the school for distribution or directly to the customers, as specified in the platform settings.

Benefits of Using

Utilizing for such partnerships offers numerous advantages:

  • Streamlined Processes: The platform’s back-end functionalities handle much of the logistics, from order taking to payment processing.
  • Increased Reach: Schools can leverage their community networks and’s platform to reach more potential buyers than traditional fundraising methods.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Wholesalers gain visibility among local communities, often leading to increased brand loyalty and new customer acquisitions outside of the fundraising context.
  • Community Engagement: This model fosters a sense of community and mutual support, aligning perfectly with New Zealand’s collaborative spirit.

For wholesalers looking to expand their market reach while supporting local communities, and for schools aiming to enhance their fundraising efficiency, partnering through offers a practical and profitable solution. This innovative approach not only boosts sales and fundraising results but also strengthens community ties, creating lasting benefits for all involved. Wholesalers interested in exploring this opportunity can start by contacting to set up a partnership, ensuring their products are part of the next big community fundraising success story.

Remember, every pie sold and every dollar raised brings us closer to a stronger, more supportive community. Join us on to see how easy and effective your next fundraiser can be!

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