Effortless online fundraising for your cause.

Effortless fundraising for your cause.

We streamline online fundraising for schools, community groups, and sports teams. Get your fundraiser set up within minutes.

Take payments online. Spread the word via social media. Reap the rewards.

Create a fundraiser in seconds!

Frequently Asked Questions

What products does Raised offer?2024-03-24T21:11:10+00:00

Raised doesn’t offer products; instead we offer the ability for you to sell any product via Raised. Think of it as a storefront for your fundraising.

Are there any starting fees?2024-03-27T06:21:42+00:00

Not at all. We believe in empowering empowering schools, clubs, and organizations. There’s no initial cost – we only benefit when you do.

How does Raised differ from traditional fundraising methods?2023-10-15T00:39:25+00:00

Raised is here to revolutionize how you raise funds, bringing your campaigns directly to the online community. Our platform has been meticulously crafted to provide an effortless online fundraising solution, empowering schools, clubs, and organizations to extend their reach beyond traditional methods. With the world at your fingertips, why limit your potential?

It’s free to set up, and hassle-free to manage.

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Fundraising for schools

Create a fundraiser for your school within minutes. The easiest way to fundraise.

Fundraising for communities

Communities can benefit from the ease of use and the reach of Raised.

Earn as a wholesaler

Got products that you want to sell? Help fundraisers reach their goals.

Online Fundraising

A Smart Solution for School and Club Fundraising. We’ve taken the traditional paper-based order form and transformed it into a streamlined, online experience.

Our platform is user-friendly, enabling students to sell products with ease. Collect payments online via credit card and promote your fundraiser via social media.

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