Attention all schools, community groups, and sports teams in New Zealand! Are you tired of the hassle and headache that comes with traditional fundraising methods? Look no further than, the game-changing platform that simplifies the fundraising process and helps you reach your goals faster. In this blog post, we’ll explore the challenges of conventional fundraising, how Raised provides a seamless solution, and inspire you with creative fundraising ideas that will take your efforts to the next level.

The Challenges of Traditional Fundraising:
Let’s face it – traditional fundraising can be a real pain. From handling cash and managing inventory to chasing down supporters for payments, it’s no wonder many organizations dread the process. Not to mention the countless hours spent organizing events and dealing with logistical nightmares. It’s time to say goodbye to these outdated methods and embrace a smarter way to fundraise.

How Raised Solves These Challenges:
Enter, the ultimate fundraising platform designed specifically for Kiwi organizations. With Raised, you can:

– Accept online payments securely, eliminating the need for cash handling
– Easily share your fundraiser via social media and email, expanding your reach
– Partner with local businesses to offer enticing rewards and incentives
– Track your progress and manage your fundraiser from one user-friendly dashboard

Say goodbye to the stress and chaos of traditional fundraising and hello to a streamlined, efficient process that saves you time and energy.

Fundraising Ideas and Examples:
Now that you know how Raised can revolutionize your fundraising efforts, let’s dive into some creative ideas that will engage your supporters and boost your profits.

1. Pie Fundraiser: Partner with a local bakery and sell delicious pies to your community. With Raised, supporters can easily order and pay online, while you sit back and watch the orders roll in. Imagine selling 500 pies at $10 each – that’s a sweet $5,000 for your organization!

2. Custom Merchandise: Create branded merchandise like t-shirts, hats, or water bottles and sell them through your Raised fundraiser. Not only will you raise funds, but you’ll also increase brand awareness and foster a sense of unity among your supporters.

3. Virtual Trivia Night: Host an online trivia night using Raised’s platform. Charge an entry fee and offer exciting prizes for the winners. With the ease of online payments and promotion through social media, you could easily attract 100 participants at $20 each, raising a cool $2,000.

Fundraising doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With, you have the power to simplify the process, engage your supporters, and exceed your fundraising goals. By leveraging online payments, social media integration, and creative fundraising ideas, your sports team can raise the funds you need to succeed. Don’t settle for outdated methods – join the Raised revolution today and experience the difference for yourself. Sign up now and start your journey towards fundraising success!

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