In the realm of school fundraising, safety and security are paramount concerns, especially when involving students in the process. Traditional cash-based fundraising methods often put the burden of handling money on young children, exposing them to potential risks and liabilities. Fortunately, innovative online fundraising platforms like Raised offer a safer, more secure alternative that empowers schools across New Zealand to raise funds effectively while prioritizing the well-being of their students.

The Risks of Cash-Based Fundraising
When schools rely on cash for their fundraising efforts, they inadvertently place significant responsibility on the shoulders of children. Students are tasked with carrying money to and from school, making them vulnerable to loss, theft, or even bullying. Furthermore, cash transactions lack transparency and accountability, making it challenging to track funds and ensure they reach their intended destination.

Raised: A Secure Online Solution
Raised’s user-friendly platform eliminates the need for cash handling by providing a secure, online environment for school fundraising. By digitizing the process, Raised offers several key benefits that prioritize the safety of students and the integrity of the fundraising campaign:

1. Eliminating Cash Handling
With Raised, students no longer need to carry cash, minimizing the risk of loss or theft. All transactions take place securely online, with funds transferred directly to the school’s designated account. This approach not only protects students but also reduces the administrative burden on school staff, who no longer need to manage and reconcile cash donations.

2. Enhanced Transparency and Accountability
Raised’s platform provides a transparent record of all donations, allowing schools to track and monitor funds in real-time. This level of visibility ensures that every dollar raised is accounted for and reaches its intended purpose. Moreover, donors can confidently contribute, knowing that their support is being managed responsibly and ethically.

3. Secure Payment Processing
Raised partners with trusted payment gateways to ensure that all financial transactions are protected by industry-standard encryption and security measures. Donors can contribute with peace of mind, knowing that their sensitive information is safeguarded against unauthorized access or potential breaches.

Prioritizing Student Safety and Fundraising Success
In an era where digital solutions are transforming various aspects of education, it is crucial for schools to adapt their fundraising strategies accordingly. By embracing secure online platforms like Raised, schools can prioritize the safety of their students while tapping into the power of digital fundraising. Raised’s user-friendly interface, robust security measures, and transparent reporting features empower schools to create successful campaigns that resonate with their communities and inspire generous support.

As more schools across New Zealand discover the benefits of Raised’s platform, it becomes clear that online fundraising is the way forward. By eliminating the risks associated with cash handling and providing a secure, transparent environment for donations, Raised enables schools to focus on what matters most: nurturing the growth and well-being of their students.

Take the first step towards safer, more successful school fundraising today. Visit and sign up for a free trial to experience the transformative power of Raised’s innovative platform firsthand. Discover how your school can create meaningful impact while keeping your students safe and your community engaged. With Raised, the future of school fundraising is secure, transparent, and full of possibilities.

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